Remote Infrastructure Management(RIM)

Innovin It solutions remotely manages your Information technology infrastructure Ranging from work stations to servers, network devices, storage devices and last but not least providing high-end security system to any type of organisation.



Innovin it solution maintains a database of your various IT vendors with contact details, escalation matrix, response time and resolution time commitments. All vendor calls for assistance are logged and we ensure that your vendors are meeting the service level agreements provided in their agreements


Innovin it solution performs remote infrastructure management and proactive round-the-clock monitoring of your servers. We track availability and utilisation of disk space, memory, network bandwidth and processing. We follow your incident management procedure for resolving incidents and we recommend workarounds to address issues. We also provide user management services, security administration and cluster administration.


Innovin it solution provides network router, switch, link and modem reconfiguration as well as VLAN configuration management. We also provide proactive network fault identification, diagnosis, escalation, fault resolution, escalation management as well as network recovery in case of any outage. As part of infrastructure management, Innovin it solution also monitors bandwidth usage, CPU and memory usage and generates performance reports.


Innovin it solution uses an IP-based KVM for remote infrastructure management. We monitor and administer your firewall, deploy scripting for policy backups, monitor performance and update software with patches. Innovin it solution also makes security related changes to your firewall like updation of blacklists, rule-based configuration changes and disabling ICMP packets.


Innovin it solution ensures high availability and proper functioning of your Oracle databases. We perform 24 x 7 monitoring and log vital database health parameters. Innovin it solution also performs housekeeping and administration tasks, incident and problem management and trend based consulting to increase database performance, availability and automation.


Innovin it solution provides storage solution management, monitors key resources and interconnects the storage solution. As part of its IT infrastructure services, Innovin it solution will manage and ensure peak performance of your storage solution, warn you about issues and suggest solutions for them.


Innovin it solution ensures regular backup, data protection and data recovery in the event of a system failure or an IT disaster. In case of a failure of your backup software, Innovin it solution also provides coordination with the vendor.


Mobile Applications

INNOVIN Thinks Mobile Web Initiative is an important - information that must be made seamlessly available on any device. The term “Mobile Application” this denotes an act, or process by which application software’s are developed. These are usually developed for handheld services ranging from personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants and mainly for mobile phones.


Global Bussiness Services

In today’s business environment, nine out of every ten enterprises have shared service centres (SSC’s) and 97 percent manage outsourcing relationships. However, INNOVIN IT Solutions manages and remains in the majority to benefit our goers from combing the SSC’s and outsourcing in to one integrated global Services.


Digital Marketing

If you have a great product that would seriously hit the charts and you are searching for place to market it? Not to worry! INNOVIN IT Solutions have that work culture to grow your business online. We not only get you growing your business but, we do it with genuine leads.


Project Management Services

Project management is like juggling three balls – time, cost and quality. INNOVIN IT Solutions does it strategically to bring out robust results with our well- versed experienced folks.


Talent Acquistion

If you have a requirement at your place? Then rely on INNOVIN! We bring you the talent that will flow in your organisation. Our purpose which assures supply of talent to align the right people for the right jobs and at the right time based on our strategic business objectives.


Enterprise resource planning(ERP)

When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees, when planning to manage organization, hold on INNOVIN can board on Enterprise resource planning in short ERP. A business process management software which integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.


IT Consulting

INNOVIN believe in creating a WIN- WIN situation to our consumers.INNOVIN values every of our client and started creating a great impact towards their success by enacting as Consultant towards their growth. How? INNOVIN provides an expert advice to the people who are especially in Inoformation Technology field.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing! Current INNOVation of the world. INNOVIN provides the service by using a network of remote srevers hosted on the Internet for storing, managing, processing the data from a server or a computer.