User Interface Development


An online course intended to make you a specialist in creating client interface and realize all that is required to make UI web solutions and create GUIs in perfect, organized and viable configuration

Course Overview

User interface is the field of human-machine interaction. The goal of user interface design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient. It reduces the gap between requirements and iterative implementation, produces structured systems and associated with code generation method. UI developer will enhance the ability to create browser-based user interfaces and UI web solutions from the requirements stage to deployment onto the production web farm.

In the decade leading up to 2020, a record number of businesses will launch new computer systems and applications to gain a competitive advantage in the increasingly cloud-based digital world. Demand for talented user interface developers will flourish in all programming-centric domains, including web, software and mobile application development.

This as simply as I can describe the different skills required for each role:

  • User Experience (UX) Designer= Research + Design
  • UI Developer= Design + HTML/CSS/JS/J Query/Bootstrap/Angular JS
  • Application Developer= Back-End coding + HTML/CSS/JS etc.

To further expand the distinction between the roles:

  • UX Designers focus on the structure and layout of content, navigation and how users interact with them. These don’t normally (but can) try to be perfect from a visual perspective. The types of deliverables they produce include site-maps, user flows, prototypes and wireframes, which are more focussed on the underlying structure and purpose of the software. The visual appearance does impact on these, but can be created as a separate layer that is applied over the top.
  • UI Developers focus on the way the functionality is displayed and the fine detail of how users interact with the interface. They produce the visual comps and functioning front-end code. This is very much about polished final production quality outputs.